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The GenomeDenmark platform

GenomeDenmark – the basics

GenomeDenmark is a national platform for sequencing and bioinformatics, which includes universities, hospitals and private firms.
The platform is established through two large demonstration projects and investments in technological equipment.


What is a platform?
What is sequencing?
What is bioinformatics?
What is genomics?
Which questions can sequencing
     and bioinformatics answer?


GenomeDenmark has several objectives:

  • To increase national coordination and create synergy within genomics research through broad cooperation based on a joint platform.
  • To make sure that genomics research in Denmark maintains its high standards, for instance by granting access to cutting edge research equipment.
  • To demonstrate how the platform works with two specific research projects.
  • (In the long term) To utilize genomics research to advance health care regarding diagnosis and treatment.

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Danish capability and vision

Denmark is known for its strong health research traditions and unique way of organizing the health data of citizens. Danish genomics research is also quite advanced and facilitates interesting opportunities for the entire health sector. GenomeDenmark is working on connecting strengths from the different fields to enable the utilization of genomic information in individual treatment in the health care system.
More about Danish capabilities


GenomeDenmark is a public initiative funded by a substantial grant from the Innovation Foundation (previously Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation). The platform’s budget includes contributions from the partners and is close to 180 million DKK. The foundation has granted 86 million DKK, and the partners have contributed the remaining.